School of Open and Distance Learning

Shree Somnath Sanskrit University


Distance education, a developing educational delivery system, is an alternative to traditional classroom teaching. Distance education is intended primarily to meet the education needs of students who are not able to take regular classes at specific physical locations or are not able to abide by time-line of regular courses. Distance education shifts the control over pace of learning to students. Additionally, distance education helps in blending their formal education with informal powerful experience. Further, there is a provision of counseling as well where they can get groomed about the course undertaken by them

The Distance Education can play complement or substitute regular education, the way you wish to use it. It also serves as a movement to overcome generic problems of scarcity and exclusivity of traditional Universities. The challenges before the open and distance learning system is not on how to be an alternative system but to make a definite contribution to the

Development of knowledge-based human recourses rather than simply being a mechanism to expand the existing educational system.

The School of Open and Distance Learning is one of the major departments of Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval established by Distance Education with the objective of providing need based courses. It uses state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources to provide quality distance learning to students from the catchment area of Shree Somnath Sanskrit University.

Features of distance learning

  •   It is a very flexible system free from the constraints of time and space.
  • Distance education is an organized and well-organized system of teaching-learning.
  • Convenience to study at home for those whose studies have been incomplete due to lack of opportunities or economic, social or any other circumstances.
  •  A class of workers and housewives want to develop their educational qualifications by giving them study opportunities at their convenience
  • Study opportunities for the underprivileged masses of the hinterland, engaged in job-occupation.
  •   Also a valid course in government jobs.
  •     The source of knowledge is the same, instinctive and simple for all.
  •    Higher education in less time and resources.
  •    Multi-faceted distance education system.
  •     To develop the skills of professional people in the society.
  •    Material of course in soft copy and video lecture.


The purpose of distance learning is to identify citizens who can dedicate themselves to the nation.

  •  Outcome oriented approach in developing innovative courses.
  • To make sincere efforts for the intellectual, social, cultural and economic upliftment of the masses.
  •  To provide equal opportunities to all sections of the society to get higher education.
  •   To promote distance education system in the educational structure of the state
  •    Flow of higher education free from place, time and age restrictions.
  •    To provide life time continuing education.
  •  To promote Sanskrit language as well as to provide excellence in Sanskrit to the learners.
  •    Less expenditure, more convenience, Sanskrits everywhere.
  •    The basic mantra of the University is to build citizens who can be dedicated to nation building.